St. Pankratius, Hirschbach

aufgenommen am 18.06.2016, Canon EOS 7D,  EF 16-35mm, L II USM 1:1,2, F/11,HDR ISO 800 und dem Pixplorer

musikalische Untermalung:

Johan Sebastian Bach

„Messe in G-Moll“
Quelle: Youtube

One comment on “St. Pankratius, Hirschbach

  • I am appreciated your value blog , I see you use pixplorer with canon7d, I purchased a pixplorer, I also use the canon 7d, but I found I could not horizontal alignment, because the horizontal alignment (p), the perpendicular horizontal (o) there is an error, and then i saw an article that can be used to adjust the clamping , but canon7d body too big, the body protruding ask you how to use canon 7d n point?

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